Toror Initiative Project

Toror means to elevate or raise up. Fruited Plains is elevating the communities on Mt. Elgon.

Fruited Plains

Fruited Plains Training Centre

Teaching farmers Bio-intensive agriculture, Global GAP, Community development, business practices and more

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This past January, the focus of our trip to Kenya was to find a buyer to purchase maize on behalf of the …

On July 26th, 2014 the Fruited Plains Agricultural Training Centre celebrated its 1st graduating class. The struggling farmers of Mt. Elgon gained …

Welcome to Fruited Plains

Welcome to, the official website of our charity organization. Fruited Plains is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization with a heart for the people of Mt. Elgon, Kenya.  The people of Mt. Elgon, despite their intense struggle, possess a joy and love for others that captured our heart. We knew we were called to get involved and in January of 2005 Fruited Plains joined the legions of charities in Kenya. We have two projects that are impacting the lives of the people of Mt. Elgon, Kenya.

At Fruited Plains, we believe that if you give a man a handout, you refine his skill for begging, but if you give a man a hand-up, you refine his self-worth. As a result, our two projects provide solutions that enable the people of Mt. Elgon to become self-sustaining. Individuals that give to Fruited Plains, give to Africa in a new way - a way that affects not only the generations of today, but the generations to come.

Fruited Plains

Unlike some charities in Africa, Fruited Plains educates the people through not only bio-intensive agriculture and good agricultural practices, but practical business seminars showing the farmers how to reduce their costs and increase their profits associated with farming. We train the farmers  on the importance and health benefits of organic farming and understanding the benefits of companion planting. These are just a few of the principles making real differences in people's lives. To learn about the kinds of differences Fruited Plains has made, we encourage you to read our project updates, which include testimonies from the citizens of Mt. Elgon.

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To learn more about Fruited Plains, the community leaders, government and private organizations we work with and the details of our two projects, either click on the project tab above or continue browsing our website. To donate, please visit the Join Our Cause page.

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